NewlyWish at The Wedding Bootcamp

The Founder of NewlyWish, Amanda Allen spoke at our Wedding Bootcamp last night about the new trends with bridal registries and the best way to go about registering.  Here are some of her brilliant tips!

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There have been some major changes in the way brides are shopping for their registries.  The lovely ladies of NewlyWish told us that monogrammed and personalized items are all the rage.  Couples are getting married later on in life so they already have the basics – they have an idea of how they want to live with each other.  Urban couples also love to do things together so more and more engaged couples are putting classes on their registry, museum memberships, ballet tickets, etc. NewlyWish allows for this incredible variety for registries.

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Amanda mentioned that before you register, make a plan, talk with your partner about what  you need and want, think about your lifestyle and do your homework.  It’s really important additionally, to keep your guests in mind by having a nice range of price points.  Your registry should be a living thing, you want to keep on returning to it in the weeks/ months prior to the wedding to edit and add as needed.

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