Tat’s Tip of the Day – Wedding Day Transporation

Each aspect of the wedding is important, as it is ultimately the sum of all parts which make for a perfect day! A key part in the timing and ease  of the day is transportation. I always recommend to brides to provide shuttles/ buses to and from the reception, as guests should not have to worry about driving back to a hotel, especially after an open bar!

When looking for a limo company here are some tips to remember:

– Find out about tax! For example, limos are taxable in New York, so keep that in account in terms of budget. Ask your limo vendor if the final price includes tax.

– Look, Touch, Feel and Smell!

– Beware of Bait and Switch – Reputable companies won’t do this, but always ask!  Put in in writing that you will get the car you are looking for.

Now for some ways to save:

– Venues are not the only thing cheaper on off days, limos are too! Have your wedding on a Friday or Sunday to save on costs.

– You do not always need a separate car for the men and ladies. Having one car saves significantly.

Last thing, don’t forget to have fun with your transportation! Guests love a good party bus with Plasma TVs and great music playing. We recommend All Star Limo and their incredible fleet! For more information, visit http://www.allstarlimo.com/index.aspx .