Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Dresses

Let’s face it. Bridesmaids don’t always love their dresses so you have to do your best to make the experience as easy for them as possible. Here are a few pointers on how to do so:


1.       Give them a color and have them pick out their own dress, BUT make sure they have matching shoes and the same dress length. Paint a picture of how you want them to look and then let them execute on that.


2.       For more of a matchy-matchy look, choose a color and fabric and let the girls select from different styles. The same color and fabric is key—everyone has different body types, but they should feel sexy and fabulous all night in that dress.


3.       A cohesive look and general theme amongst the bridesmaids is a must.  A wedding is theatre; the more you have choreographed, the cooler the effect will be. You can even change the color of each bridal bouquet, while having all of the ribbon the same color. Switch it up. It can be fun and cool.


4.       If you’re trying to get extra creative and innovative, don’t choose your bridesmaid dresses off the rack. Pick out a fabric, go to a local tailor, give them your budget and style preference and have the girls go in for a fitting. Be the designer—make your own.


Any of these dress options will guarantee a beautiful turnout.  Most importantly though always take a bridesmaid’s budget into account when selecting dresses. If the dress that you love is out of their price range, offer that as a gift, or pay for half the dress as your bridesmaid gift. Bridesmaids often appreciate the cost saving as opposed to a trinket they may/or may not use again. Be realistic, as ultimately your bridesmaids are your friends and they should feel comfortable with the purchase and with the look!