What Not to Wear is casting in NYC!

TLC is coming to NYC and they need YOU to nominate a friend, family member or co-worker whose wardrobe is screaming for a make-over! If you know someone who has a big, great personality and a bad, unfortunate wardrobe they want to hear from you! The city is filled with unique individuals who aren’t dressing to their full potential, and let’s face it…we all know a few!

If you want to nominate someone to be on the show send the following information to Meghan Griffin, the Casting Associate Producer at [email protected]

Marital Status:
Home location:
Describer her personality:
Describe her style in full detail:
At least 2 pictures that illustrate her lack of style:
Nominator’s contact info:

What Not to Wear - Stacy London, Clinton Kelly - George Lange/TLC