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Trying to figure out where and what to do for your rehearsal dinner? Hill Country has 3 awesome tips to help you out before booking your rehearsal dinner venue:

  1. Go for a more laid back rehearsal dinner. No need to be uncomfortable with formal attire, wishing you would have wore something you can have fun in. Have it in an environment where you can wear jeans and stilettos (can’t go wrong with that), drink margaritas, sing karaoke with your groom and enjoy what is going to be a memorable night.
  2. We all know that your wedding day is suppose to be about you, the bride, but maybe you should relax for a second and let your soon-to-be hubby make some decisions with the dinner. They are always saying we never let them do anything anyways, so hey…now it’s their chance! This should be a night for the both of you to enjoy and look back on.
  3. Want your dinner to be casual, but at the same time intimate? You can always add flowers and dimmed lights to your dinner and it will completely transform the venue!
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