The White Gown Gives Us Their Royal Gown Scoop…

With the Royal Wedding right around the corner, what Kate Middleton will be wearing becomes even more of a question. The White Gown has offered some of their expert insight into what style of gown Kate will choose for her special day, considering it could possibly be the most important thing she will ever wear!

The White Gown

Can’t you see the future Princess Catherine looking stunning in this gown?  The formal ball gown is so regal and the shimmering belt adds just a little touch of bling to the incredible gown.

The White Gown

I think a lot of people would have something to say about Kate wearing a dress that didn’t flow down to the floor; however, you never know what kind of surprises she and her dress designer will plan! Or, she could switch into a shorter dress for the after party! The pattern on this dress is so pretty being that the bottom and top layers are two different fabrics.

The White Gown

This dress is just simple and regal, especially with the addition of the belt. The one shoulder with the short sleeve is gorgeous and oh so classy!

The White Gown

How beautiful are those gloves with this gown?  This slim-fitting gown would show off Kate’s gorgeous figure. The white square-shaped bow in the top-center of the dress is the perfect touch with the gloves for a truly classic look!

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