LA Times Magazine Journalist Puts the Fate of her Wedding in the World’s Hands!

Well here is something new and different! Allison Kornberg, who is a journalist for The LA Times Magazine, has let go of the reigns when it comes to planning her wedding. Just over 400 days ago she approached The LA Times, her friends, her family and people on Twitter to basically have them plan her whole wedding. We’re talking the cake to the dress to the date and even the honeymoon! Now how many women are that adventurous! A new form of a reality show taking place solely on social media?? I think so!

Here is an interview between Rob, from, and Allison from after they met at The Wedding Salon’s Los Angeles show this past March! Rob was instantly intrigued by Allison’s story and realized it would be great to share it with viewers!  Click here to view the interview and hear how Allison’s journey has been going so far!

To read Allison’s personal blog about this crazy adventure, you can visit

Congratulations Allison and we can’t wait to continue to follow you on this amazing (and courageous) journey towards your special day!

Allison Kornberg & her fiance!!