‘Tis the Season for Outdoor Weddings!

So ladies with the warm weather HOPEFULLY moving in soon as we slowly creep into summer, here are some tips on how to be prepared for your outdoor wedding!


A rain plan is a MUST! Make sure you put a tent on hold prior to your wedding day as a backup plan. Some venues have their own “rain plan” so make sure to ask what that may be, including what time the decision is made and who makes that call (traditionally it is the wedding planner, but you can never be too sure!).


If you are already planning on using a tent, you have to be very conscious of the climate control. Make sure you have fans or AC units in case it turns out to be a hot and humid day. If it is hot and sticky during your ceremony and/or reception, it can totally kill the energy and vibe of the day. Who would want their guests (and themselves) to be hot and uncomfortable!


Lighting is key for an outdoor wedding. Make sure you have up-lighting and lighting throughout the surrounding area. Candles and lanterns are also a nice touch to give that romantic and intimate feel. BUT make sure you are prepared for there to be wind in terms of setting up your lighting. For an example, candles should be in hurricane glass containers to guarantee you won’t have any accidents!


Last but not least, make sure you are conscious of your theme. If you’re going for the whole beachy summer outdoor feel, then please don’t ask or expect your guests to wear ball gowns and tuxes!

If you want to share some of your outdoor wedding experiences or helpful tips, please email [email protected]!