Wedding Reception Entertainment

Trying to put some last minute details together for your wedding reception? Well here are a few things to consider when it comes to choosing entertainment…the question remains DJ or Live Music?

Wicked Messengers
Wicked Messengers

It is clear that a band is more costly due to a few factors– lighting, staging, sound and also feeding all of the band members. A DJ, on the other hand, is not as expensive because it doesn’t have the production expenses—it’s simply just a one man show!

Now you have another option besides simply having just a DJ or just a band. You can do a mix of the two. A way to work this out is to have the DJ during cocktail hour, when the band is on break and for the after party. A cool jazz or blues band can play during dinner or even a live violinist, drummer or saxophonist to perform interchangeably. We all know that there is nothing more incredible than live jazz or a 1920s ensemble.

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If you’re on quite a budget and you are looking for more of a variety of music at your reception, a DJ may be the way to go to get a combination of hip-hop, pop, rocks and some 80’s music. We all know there is nothing worse than a bad Lady Gaga singer.

In the end, it just depends what is more important to you, whether it may be your budget or the music you prefer. A little piece of advice to take with you though is to NEVER do just a live band. Mix it up; get a DJ with one or two live musicians if it’s within your budget.