Wedding Transportation Tips

I wanted to share some of my personal tricks of the trade, as well as cost-saving tips, when it comes to transportation for weddings.


Here are some of my tricks of the trade:

  1. Find out about tax. For example, some limos are now taxable in NY and they used to not be. Make sure you clarify that the price does or does not include this tax.
  2. “Look, touch, feel, smell”- make sure the transportation you use has the look you want (and were promised!) on the outside and the inside.
  3. Bait and Switch with cars can happen. You can be lured into choosing a specific model  and then have it switched on you at the last minute. Make sure you get the car in writing!

Now for some cost-saving tips:

  1. Venues are not the only thing that are cheaper on off days—limos are too! Have your wedding on a Monday-Thursday and you’re guaranteed to save money!
  2. The men and the ladies do not always need a separate car. Many times you can have the driver pick up the girls and then go back for the guys. This way you’re using the same car and saving some money!
  3. For valet parking services, know exactly how many cars you will have and try to get your time right. Going into overtime can get expensive. Being prepared with this information will alleviate the stress of spending more money!