Catering 411

Choosing the perfect caterer can be a stressful process, luckily, I have come up with some loopholes to dealing with caterers, as well as some tips on where you can save.


First, we will start with some loopholes:

  1. Make sure you focus on presentation—this can save you money too! You can be very simple with the food, but the presentation can be very interesting and intriguing.
  2. Many factors affect the price of your catering: How early are you going to be able to get into the venue to begin setting up? Location rules and regulations? What type of dinner will it be—sit down or buffet? All of these will affect how many staff members you will need, and each of them should be considered because they play a big role in catering.

Where you can save:

  1. A sit down dinner usually costs more, meanwhile, a buffet is less expensive. You can limit choices without having to sacrifice the party.
  2. Limited food choices all around is also a great way to save–great food is great food. It is about quality not quantity!