Your Bridal Look!

Ladies, your bridal look is, I’m sure, one of your main focuses in terms of your wedding. You want to look beautiful and flawless because, after all, it is YOUR day, and it’s all eyes on you! I have some tricks of the trade to share with you, as well as some cost-saving tips in terms of your wedding day look.


Tricks of the Trade:

  1. Some designers are willing to take the beading off the dress or change the fabric, which can also take money off the cost of the gown.
  2. Make sure the makeup artist you use has back up in case something happens, and that they will provide another artist with a free trail makeup session.
  3. Be cautious of the type of makeup you use. You do not want to have a reaction to the makeup. Does the makeup meet pharmaceutical standards?
  4. Be aware of airbrushing. If you go with airbrushing, make sure you get someone great and be aware that it is not good for the skin. You skin could end up looking bad on the honeymoon. It is good for photos but not necessarily for in-person interactions. It can come off looking overdone.

Where you can save:

  1. Alterations–you do not have to get your alterations done where you purchase your gown. Feel free to get them done somewhere else.
  2. Purchase your gown out of state to save on tax.
  3. If you are the sample size, you can sometimes buy the sample and save a lot of money. Most upscale bridal boutiques keep their samples in great shape.
  4. With makeup, some vendors offer a discount the more people you have getting it done.