Do you Wannahavacookie?

I know here at The Wedding Salon we are always looking for yummy treats and we definitely went crazy when we had our first bites of these amazing whoopie pies from WannaHavaCookie Inc. Part birthday cake and part muffin, two moist cookies cradle a generous portion of their signature butter-creams. Honestly, what could be better???

My favorite is the Vanilla Whoopie Pie with the Chocolate filling, but the flavor combos get a lot crazier than that with mint, lemon, chocolate chocolate, peanut butter and red velvet!

vanilla and choc whoopie Vanilla Whoopie Pie with Chocolate Filling

Red velvet and vanilla Red Velvet Whoopie Pie with Vanilla Filling

Peanut butterChocolate Whoopie Pie with Peanut Butter Filling

You can also use these decadent treats for your wedding or next event. See below for the fab brown and green color pattern used with M & Ms to create a beautiful display.


Make sure to take note below of the cute minis around the edge. These can be presented in a package of 3 with a custom label boasting the bride and groom names, wedding date and even a message to their guests!


To order your tasty whoopie pies and check out their other cookie treats, be sure to visit Don’t forget to ask them about making a customized flavor combo for your next event!