Tips, Tricks & Trends from The Roger Cocktail Party!

As promise, we have some great advice to share with you from the cocktail party last night at The Roger! Thank you so much again to everyone who came out and a big thank to The Roger for everything!!

The Roger
The Roger
Cocktail Party at The Roger 6.9.11 003
Thanks to Jerry Sibal for all the lovely arrangements!
Yajaira from Sandals
Yajaira from Sandals Resorts

Yajaira had some great tips to share with brides for while preparing for their wedding!

  • Take care of your skin prior to the wedding.  Make sure you get a facial!
  • The best exercise that she has seen if you are looking to tone quickly is yoga! Try and start 2-3 months prior and you can see some quick results!
  • Yajaira said that she is seeing more couples renting villas over the water for their honeymoons.
Lisa and Patty from John Allan's
Lisa & Patty from John Allan's

Lisa & Patty had some great tips to share for the men in our lives!

  • They’ve seen an increase in men doing a pre-wedding get together on the morning of the wedding (shaves, haircuts & cocktails)
  • Most men think that they want to shave the day of their wedding but they don’t recommend it because you can get an adverse reaction to it.
Kim from Elizabeth Dell Full Service Events and Tye from Especially for you Planners
Kim from Elizabeth Belle Full Service Event Management and Tye from Especially for You Planners

Planners always have some of the greatest advice! Kim and Tye were so helpful and shared some great tips for our brides!

  • They are seeing a trend in more intimate weddings. Make it about what you and your fiance want and not so much about what your parents want.
  • Budget is king!
  • Many DIY brides don’t realize that they need planners. They have more value and will do things that you family and friends don’t do or won’t do for you.
Petrossian Paris
Kyle & Roberta from Petrossian Paris

Kyle & Roberta provided us with some mouthwatering caviar as well as fantastic tips for our brides!

  • Caterers are seeing more weddings in the Fall as opposed to the Spring.
  • If a couple chooses to have caviar at their wedding, they are seeing them having a caviar bar rather than just a smaller serving of it.
  • With caviar, it is about the quality. Couples are going to go for top quality, which means more quantity and more costly, but it is worth it!