Running of The Brides!

For all of you New Yorkers out there, you most likely listen to Elvis Duran and the Z100 Morning Zoo in the morning on your way to work- I know I do! Well, this morning was the “Running of The Brides” at Filene’s Basement- a mad dash of ladies going after designer wedding gowns at amazingly low prices, all at once- sheer chaos to say the least.  Z100 always sends 1 or 2 staff members to the event to cover it and try to snag a gown or 2 out of the madness to giveaway to listeners, while broadcasting live. This morning, one of my girl friend’s won one of the dresses! Actually it was her fiance who won it for her! How cute is that?! He was listening this morning and decided to call into the radio station- and he won! You can just imagine how much of a surprise this was for her to find out that her fiance had won her a gorgeous wedding gown live on the radio!  Below are some photos of the gorgeous Justin Alexander gown that she won (this is not her in the photo, but rather the promo photo from the Z100 website showing her winnings), a photo of the happy couple is below, congratulations Britten and Matt! 🙂



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