Hatch My House

Lately we have been seeing a huge trend in unique gift registries that allow a couples to ask their guests to make contributions towards their honeymoon, nights out to their favorite restaurants and even future vacations. Today I came across the most unique one yet – www.hatchmyhouse.com. As soon as I saw this, I immediately emailed the link to four of my newly engaged friends as I think this is the greatest idea out there. Many couples these days live together before getting married and the last thing they need is another pot, pan or mixing bowl but what they do need is a HOUSE!


This awesome website allows the couple to build a virtual home and then their guests can log on and buy different pieces of the home. Each piece comes with a price tag (see above) and the money gets deposited into a savings account for the couple. Now of course they aren’t going to necessarily use that money for that particular part of the house, but it will get them one step closer to owning the home of their dreams!