Wedding Entertainment Tips!

A huge part of the reception is the music that you choose to have. The music can either blow the roof off of the reception or just turn out to be a complete bust.


It is important question for a bride to ask is what kind of music will be provided during the break, whether it be a DJ or a band. There should be NO additional charges in this area! Also, be aware of the loading fees, travel fees, and meal fees for band members. If you are going to hire a company, it is best you go see them in action. Seeing them live will give you a chance to see them in action and see how the crowd responds to them.


Now you may be asking yourself where you can save in terms of wedding entertainment. Well, using musicians from the band at the cocktail hour as well can definitely save you money. This way you will not be bringing in an additional musician, such as a string musician for the cocktail hour. You can also use a synthesizer with the sax player to help replace a large horn section.