Advice on Choosing a Photographer & Videographer!!

A woman’s wedding day is one of the most meaningful occasions in any bride’s life.  It is imperative that a bride be wise when choosing a photographer/videographer to capture her wedding on tape, as photos and videos are the mementos that will allow a bride to look back and remember her special day!


When choosing a photographer & videographer, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

– – For videography, focus on getting the coverage first and foremost! The editing can be done at a later time because that is where the “real cost” will be due to the long hours it takes to edit

– – Make sure the videographer ONLY uses on camera lighting

– – Ask to see a full video and not just a highlight reel in order to get a true feel of the vendors work

– – Make sure to get a highlight reel that can be developed quickly after the wedding to send to guests and family because the final video can take months to be completed

– – Never pay the entire payment upfront.  Some vendors might offer a discount to do so, but if you do there is a good chance you will run into problems getting your video.  Once the company has your money, they will have no incentive to rush the job.  Expect to put down around 50% of the total fee.

– – Some photographers will push a “Photojournalism Style,” which means there are no portraits included.  As a result, if you want portraits, you will end up spending extra money

– – Make sure to get all charges/numbers upfront because sometimes there will be a charge for processing or a change in numbers. Be sure to ask questions!!

– – It is important to get Hi-Resolution files


There are some ways you can save money in regards to photos/videos.  The first way is to limit the number of hours, such as filming the ceremony and not the reception.  A second way is for videographers to use less cameras (each camera is an additional cost).  Finally, take out the album and get it made later when you have the money!!