Event Design and Floral Tricks of the Trade!

It’s every bride’s dream to have their wedding play out exactly how they had imagined.  How an event is designed can be a huge determinant in whether a wedding meets the standards to be deemed a success.


When configuring the wedding’s design, be aware of vague descriptions in a proposal or contract.  Make sure the contract is as specific as possible, as well as knowing what all descriptions mean within the contract.  If you are not sure of what something means, ask!!


In terms of the floral arrangements, do not neglect the lighting of your event.  You can spend all the money in the world on beautiful floral arrangements, however, if they are not lit properly, all hard work and money spent is put to waste.  You can do a lot by turning the lights down and lighting candles!!


There are several ways you can save money on event design/floral arrangements:

– – Reuse the cocktail hour arrangement for the buffet

– – Use candles mixed in with your floral arrangements for a relatively low-cost way of creating a romantic atmosphere.  If the location does not permit burning candles, ask your florist about battery operated alternatives

– – Using vases/containers that the florist already has will cost lest to rent than those the florist has to specially order for the event

– – Use one or two types of flowers to make a statement, as well as helping you save money!