Extraordinary Weddings!!

Are you looking to plan a wedding out of the ordinary?  In today’s advanced society, it is possible for you to have a unique wedding experience that goes beyond the typical wedding!!  Here are just three of the most bizarre wedding occasions:

1. One unique type of wedding experience is a wedding ceremony that takes place in the ocean.  Brides and grooms have the opportunity to ditch land and head underwater to say their I Dos’!


2. Another wedding day experience that is unlike any other is holding the ceremony in a hot air balloon.  Although the guest list is limited to eight, the bride and groom have the chance to soar through the air on a wedding adventure in the sky!


3. For those couples who seek adventure, there is a skydiving wedding ceremony available for brave brides and grooms wanting to take their wedding to new heights.  Brides and grooms will be flown thousands of feet in the air and exchange their vows on an aircraft before taking the plunge towards land together.