Celebrating Gay Marriage

We are so thrilled by New York’s passing of the Gay Marriage Bill! There is so much to celebrate and also much to know! We’ve been doing our research to help others with the process and have some key tips to share!

1. The law goes into effect on July 24th – Yes, it’s a Sunday, so we can forecast a very busy wedding weekend on July 30th or even the 29th (Summer Hours anyone?)!

2. Waiting Periods – There are no waiting periods in New York for Wedding Licenses! You’ll receive the license right away and can get married within 24 hours. The marriage license is then valid for 60 days.

3. Unfortunately, the wedding license won’t be recognized everywhere just yet, but it will be recognized in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Iowa, Maryland and D.C.

4. Now, where to apply – at any city or town clerk’s office in New York! Just remember both of you need to be present.

We look forward to celebrating with you and seeing all the new trends coming to life during this wonderful Summer of 2011! Congratulations to all the newly-engaged in New York!

Photo Credit: The Knot