Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in New York!!!

The day has finally come!! After decades of struggling to gain equal rights, the State of New York has finally took initiative in providing gay and lesbian couples with the opportunity to form a legal union with his or her loved one!


On June 24, 2011, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a marriage equality bill for New York after it was passed in the senate with a vote of 33-29. New York is the sixth and largest state to pass the law that allows same-sex marriage, which will be in effect July 24, 2011.


There are reports that more than 21,000 same-sex couples will take advantage of the new law and marry within the first three years, as well as 42,000 gay and lesbian couples traveling to New York for a destination wedding. Congratulations New York on making progress in the fight for equality of all U.S. citizens!!!