The Latest and Greatest in Honeymoon Trends!!

The travel and tourism industry is simultaneously growing and advancing as society continues to develop!  It’s becoming popular for newly married couples to stray away from the typical honeymoon and try out the newest trends when planning their first getaway together!!

1. Adventure Honeymoons

Are you a couple that prefers to be active and explore what the world has to offer? If you are, then this is the perfect honeymoon to embark on. The honeymoon will consist of partaking in activities, such as kayaking, mountain climbing, hiking, biking, skiing and snowboarding. An added benefit includes a guaranteed adrenaline rush!!


2. Glamping

Here is a honeymoon experience for all you nature lovers out there!!  Glamping is an up and coming trend that combines camping and luxury. It is the perfect opportunity for those couples wanting to plan an unconventional outdoor honeymoon but still wanting some bit of extravagance included.


3. Eco-Honeymoons

Those wanting to trade in suntanning and cocktail drinking for benefiting the world in which they live should look into Eco-trips, which provide couples with the chance to give back to the environment. The honeymoon experience involves improving nature’s conditions and helping out local communities, as well as putting money into positive causes!! In addition, this type of trip is sure to create lasting memories that will allow you and your spouse to celebrate starting a new life together!!


4. Foodie Honeymoons

If you and your loved one are food enthusiasts, then this is the honeymoon for you!! Foodie honeymoons include traveling and staying in destinations focused on providing unique culinary opportunities.  These opportunities incorporate dining on multiple-course tastings of food and beverage at top restaurants and cooking academies around the world, as well as taking cooking classes in which couples can acquire new skills and recipes that they can experiment with as they begin their newest journey together!