Fourth of July Themed Weddings!!

Fourth of July is approaching in just a couple of days, so I felt it was appropriate to give tips to those brides planning on having a Fourth of July wedding!!


In terms of where to hold the wedding, since a majority Americans choose to spend the holiday outside, it is best to choose a location that is in an outdoor setting. Additionally, decorate the venue with patriotic decorations, including ribbons, flags, lanterns, stars and stripes. Fireworks, an obvious tradition, are also a good idea for the end of the night and will add a touch of romanticism to the occasion!

4th of july

Color Scheme

When deciding on the color scheme, obviously red, white and blue is the way to go. In order to prevent guests from thinking the event is cheesy, try picking faded or different shades of the colors.


Wedding Dress

Since Fourth of July is the holiday of the summer, and the weather will be hot, choose a wedding dress that is summery and made of a lightweight material in order to represent the season. To conclude the look, wear a light veil or hold a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers to accessorize the dress appropriately!!


The menu options should also fit with the occasion. Barbecues and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest define Fourth of July, so include food items such as hot dogs, hamburgers and chicken. Also, make sure to keep the menu items fairly light because it is summer, and with the heat, heavy meals are not the best idea. Ideas include fruits, vegetables and salads, as well as providing red, white and blue themed cocktails for guests to enjoy!!