Wedding Guest Etiquette

It’s officially the prime of summer right now and that means two things to me: scorching temperatures and weddings! That being said, I realized over the weekend that so many people aren’t sure of the proper etiquette of attending a weeding! Over the rest of the week, I’ll be giving a tip a day of how to be a great wedding guest!

Tip Number 1: The Invite

  • Do make sure that you respond to the R.S.V.P in ample time! It’s important for the couple to know the exact headcount!
  • Do let the engaged couple know if you have to cancel at the last second! It looks tacky if you just don’t show up!
  • Don’t assume you can bring a date.  Only the people who are addressed on the invitation are invited.  If it has your name plus ‘guest’ than you may bring someone with you!