Wedding Guest Etiquette: What to Wear!

Guests often put so much thought into what to wear at the wedding and end up over-thinking it way to much! It’s easy – dress for the time of day and the season and follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts!



Do wear a floral/printed dress for a summer daytime wedding.

Do wear a cocktail dress for an evening wedding.

Don’t wear sequins or anything too flashy.

Don’t wear white, ivory or off-white at any wedding…no exceptions to this rule. It’s rude and not polite to take away focus from the bride!

Do make sure you are dressed appropriately for the ceremony!



Do wear a light colored suit for a day wedding – you can even get away with a shirt and tie.

Do wear a dark suit for an evening wedding.

Do wear a tuxedo for a black-tie affair.

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