Wedding Guest Etiquette: Gift Giving

It’s no shocker that attending a wedding can be expensive. You not only have sometimes stay at a hotel but you also have to get the engaged couple a present! People always get confused on the proper protocol for gift giving – so just follow these simple do’s and don’ts!


Do plan on buying the couple a gift after receiving the invite even if you don’t attend.

Do ask someone close to the couple where they are registered. It won’t always say on the invite.  You don’t have to get a gift from the registry oh course!

Don’t bring the gift with you to the reception.  It should be sent the the address that they have provided on the registry.

Do bring the gift with you to the bridal shower/engagement party!

Do make the check payable to the bride of groom if you are sending it prior to the wedding. 

Don’t make the check payable to just one of them if you give it to them at or after the wedding.

Note: If you are giving money, you should give at least $100 per person attending.