Real-Life Wedding Disasters!!

Weddings can be a stressful time for both the bride and all those involved in planning the special day as imagined! Don’t be discouraged if little things go wrong because you will have a whole new perspective on what is considered a “wedding disaster” after hearing the following stories!!

1. In August 2003, the following Connecticut bride got extremely intoxicated on her wedding day and acted in an uncanny manner. She started yelling obscenities, in addition to throwing cake and vases at her husband of a couple of hours! Next, she started flipping out when the bartender refused to serve her drinks because the bar was closed for the night. Finally, she ended her tantrum by attempting to bite the police officer arresting her and then kicking out the window of the police car! Let’s just say she didn’t spend her first night as a newlywed with her husband!

crazy bride

2. A British couple planned a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, but it did not go as planned when they found out they had been given incorrect information regarding the country’s wedding waiting period. As a result, they were forced to get married three days earlier than expected, which prevented all of their guests from attending. When it came to the day of the reception, the bride and groom, along with many of the guests, fell ill due to food poisoning! Talk about a wedding disaster!


3. An English bride spent years planning the wedding of her dreams, only for her day to go terribly wrong! On the bride’s way to the church on a horse-drawn carriage alongside her father, the horse got scared and threw off the driver who was controlling the reigns. The horse led the bride and her father right into the path of an oncoming truck, which caused the woman’s father to push his daughter off then jump off himself. As a result, the bride’s father wound up badly injured with a concussion. I think it’s safe to say that this English bride’s wedding didn’t exactly go as she had planned!


4. A man decided to propose to his girlfriend by placing the engagement ring at the bottom of her Wendy’s milkshake in the hopes that she would discover it as she was eating. Unfortunately, when the woman finished her shake, there was no ring to be found! Later on, the mystery was solved, as an x-ray was taken and the ring was found inside the woman’s stomach. Thankfully, the ring was retrieved and cleaned up, so the bride was able to wear her original engagement ring!!


5. A newlywed couple who wed in Clearwater, Florida, was on the way to their reception hall at a local hotel following the wedding ceremony. However, upon their arrival,  the couple was greeted by a dozen fire trucks, guests running frantically through the streets and flames emerging from the building. Thankfully, the night wasn’t a complete failure, as one of the guests brought a guitar and got the reception started right outside of the burning hotel.


6. This next couple’s wedding ran smoothly, however, they did not experience the same luck on their honeymoon to a quiet motel in Desert Hot Springs, California. On the third day into their vacation, the pair arrived back at the motel to find their room turned inside out and their priceless belongings stolen, including the bride’s wedding dress, years worth of love letters and two hand-carved wedding cake toppers that was a gift to the couple made by the bride’s father. This couple isn’t off to a lucky start in their new life together!