Preserving Your Top Wedding Cake Tier!

It’s tradition to preserve the top tier of your wedding cake and save it for your one year anniversary. However, if you don’t preserve it properly, that cake will be gross and stale. Follow these few tips to ensure the freshest cake on your anniversary!


Tip 1: Know if your cake will freeze. Cakes with fresh fruit, or delicate ingredients don’t freeze well.

Tip 2: Consider buying a copycat of the top tier.  Like anything, after sitting in a freezer for a year, that cake won’t taste fresh no matter what you do to preserve it.

Tip 3: If you do decide to preserve your cake follow these basic instructions:

  1. Remove all sugar decorations and set them aside.
  2. Chill the cake prior to wrapping it.
  3. Wrap the cake in multiple layers of plastic wrap. Don’t use aluminum foil – that can cause freezer burn.
  4. Place cake in an air-tight bag.
  5. Properly label it so you don’t mistake it for anything else.
cake in palstic wrap