Out-of-the-Box Wedding Dresses!!

Wedding dresses can become a costly investment for any bride, especially for an outfit that is going to be worn only once! The following women demonstrate that wedding dresses can be stunning without the expensive price tags, fabric or materials!!

The following two women created wedding gowns out of toilet paper for a contest put on each year. It’s almost impossible to tell that these dresses were made out of an everyday household product!

The wedding dress below was made using four rolls of toilet paper, packing tape and glue, as well as adding some feathers and flowers for decoration.


The following wedding gown was made with nothing more than 20 rolls of toilet paper, duct tape and glue!!


Newspaper apparently provides much more than information for readers. Fashion designer Jenna Braga created a wedding dress made entirely out of newspaper! Watch the video below to see the crazy, yet beautiful design!!


Finally, this last wedding dress kills two birds with one stone by combining both a cake and gown into one! I love this dress because it’s stylish and yummy!!