Strange Weddings!!

Lately, we are seeing weddings that stray away from traditional ceremonies. The following two wedding stories go above and beyond what is normal and take strange to a completely new level!!

A couple in Tokyo, Japan, decided they didn’t want the typical officiant to legalize their marriage. Instead, they opted for a robot to perform their wedding ceremony and tie the knot between the two. The robot, who is typically employed as a museum guide, had flashing eyes and wore pigtails! She was guided by a man behind a curtain and used speech synthesis to speak the pre-programmed words that legitimately unified the two individuals!! With the advancements being invented in today’s society, there’s no limit to the things that can be done for one’s wedding day!

This next couple is not your typical bride and groom! Lee jin-gyu  selected a rather unusual woman to be his bride: his body pillow! The man is obsessed with his pillow and takes it everywhere, including dinners, dates and outings. He will even order food for the inanimate object. What is even stranger is that the wedding was officiated by a priest, so it is 100% legitimate!! I guess we all have our own preferences right?

Man marries pillow