Top Trends in Makeup for the Summer!

So the wedding day has finally arrived! The seating chart, the menu, the venue, and the itinerary are all set. Everyone from the guests, to the bridal party, to the ordained minister, to the groom is waiting for the beautiful bride to make her entrance. With so many eyes on you as you approach the aisle, you want to make sure that you look your very best! Our friends at Metamorphosis New York want to make sure you look absolutely stunning on your big day, so here are the top trends in makeup for this summer according to top celebrity trainer Chris Lamston.

1.) Heavy on the Wing Tipped Eyeliner! This type of look is appropriate for all eye shapes and so it looks great on everyone. It helps enhance the eyes and creates a sensual feline look. It’s also very versatile because not only can it enhance the natural facial features of women, but it can also make the eyelashes appear thicker and longer. A variety of eyeliners can be used to create this look such as eyeliner pencils, flat eyeliner pencils, liquid eyeliner, and gel eyeliner.

Wing Tipped Eyeliner

Classic Red Lips! Vibrant red lips creates a focal point on your face, so ladies, you should always have a shade of red lip wear in your makeup bag. What makes red lips special is that it is truly a classic that has yet to go out of style. The trick is to know the right shade and type of lip wear to use specific for your face. You can go with a lipstick, a lip stain, or a lip gloss.

Red Lips

Dewy Cheek Bones! Since neutrals never seem to go out of warm weather style, a subtle sun kissed look is perfect for a summer wedding. It gives you a bright and natural glow which is sure to make jaws drop during your big day. In order to get this look, skip out on the powder blush and instead apply a cream blush or a light bronzer.

Dewy Cheekbones on Dianna Agron