Your Guide to Creating Seating Charts!!

Seating charts are one of the most difficult and stressful tasks involved in planning a wedding! It is important that you coordinate the layout in a manner that makes your guests feel comfortable in order for them to enjoy themselves at your wedding. There is nothing worse than looking over at a table to see your guests sitting in awkward silence because you didn’t make proper seating arrangements! Therefore, take your time and go over your final seating chart several times to ensure that everyone who attends will has a pleasant experience!!


I am a strong believer in the Jackie Onassis theory, which communicates the idea that the bride and her significant other seat themselves at the worst seat in the venue, therefore, making it the best!! By creating your seating chart this way, no guests will feel like they were placed at random because there was nowhere else to seat them.


It’s understandable that some brides have a set vision of where they want to be seated according to the venue, whether it be in the center of attention or at a specially designated table. In this case, there are several rules you should follow when creating your seating plan:

* Put single people together; it would be unsatisfying for 1 or 2 single individuals to be sitting at a table full of couples

* Place people who know each other together

* Seat couples across from one another rather than side by side to foster dinner conversations among guests


* Make sure to take individuals who need special accommodations into consideration and seat them appropriately

* Try and have an equal amount of men and women at each table

* Kids tables are a good idea, but children who are very young should be seated with their parents in order for parents to keep an eye on them, and make sure they behave throughout the occasion

* Be sure to keep those divided families that do not get along on opposite sides of the venue to avoid conflict