Registry 101

Registering for your wedding is a big task that you don’t want to put off. You need to make sure that you are registering for items that you actually want and need. Follow these simple instructions when registering to ensure the perfect registry!


1. Register Early – right after you get engaged your friends and family will start asking you.  You want to make sure you have somewhere to tell them to assure you are getting what you want!

2. Register as a couple – you both need to be a part of this process.  You will both be living with this for years to come! (and boys, do you really want a hot pink toaster?)

3. Pricing – it’s important that you have multiple different price points in your registry.  You don’t want to register for all expensive items that not all of your guests can afford!


4. Update – the registry need to be a living thing.  Make sure that you are constantly updating it and revising it.

5. Be Gracious – thank you cards should be sent out within 2 weeks of receiving the gifts.