Tipping the Vendors After the Night: A Do or a Don’t?

The vendors at your wedding are a huge part of whether your ceremony and reception are a success. Therefore, it is important to show your thanks, so I would definitely advise that you tip the wedding vendors! However, you are not obligated to compensate those vendors who did not do an exceptional job because as a hired company, it is expected that they deliver their services to the best of their ability!! It is acceptable to give extra pay to those vendors that you absolutely loved and not just tip everyone because you have to.


Traditionally, it’s a 10-20% tip depending on two factors: how generous you are feeling and how well the job was performed.


Vendors that should be recognized include officiants, catering staff, musicians and DJs, stylists and make-up artists, photographers, videographers, florists, wedding coordinators, site staff, seamstresses, delivery people and drivers!