Are Themed Weddings a Do or Don’t?

Over the recent years, themed weddings have become a popular way to deviate from the traditional wedding ceremony. Having a themed wedding is a huge risk because it takes a lot of time, money and effort to execute one. I am not a huge fan of them, and therefore,  my advice is to stay away from them unless you have the proper resources to make sure the theme is presented to guests in a way that is believable!!


The number one reason why I am not a fan of themed weddings is because the guests need to truly be transformed into the theme in order for the wedding to be successful. The problem is that transforming guests requires a lot of money and connections, which not many people have access to. There are many details that go into executing a theme, and it can go very wrong, very fast.


If your decision is that you absolutely want a themed wedding, keep the following tips in mind when planning it:

* Make sure your guests are completely emerged into the experience you are trying to convey, or the theme will be a failure

* Be sure to plan your wedding sensibly because a theme can appear trashy or cheesy if not planned properly

* Do not let the theme distract guests from the occasion- your wedding day is the focus of the event!!