The Importance of Music

There are so many components that go in to choosing the music for your wedding. You have to think about the time, location, style, and of course the guests and then there is deciding if you want to have a DJ or a band. My number one suggestion is no matter what you decide make sure you meet the band face to face, listen to their music and if possible hear them play or spin live.


The Importance of Music tats-picks  Weddings, Wedding Music, Wedding entertainment, Wedding Bands, DJs, Bands  moz screenshot  The Importance of Music The Importance of Music

After you decide on style and type start making a lists of songs and types of songs that you want to be played on  your special day, keeping in mind your guests who are attending and what type of music they like as well. In order to assure your dance floor is packed pick music that will play to everyone. You can still have your own music style, but get Grandma and Grandpa shaking it on the dance floor with some oldies that everyone love to hear!

Dj hands

Make sure to start out the evening with a bang when the wedding party enters and continue all the way till the end with the last song.

It also never hurts to scan wedding websites and blogs to find out what songs are hot and what are not… The Knot gives you a list of the 8 wedding songs to skip, not a bad idea to check it out.