Proper Etiquette for Plus Ones!!

With the price of weddings being a costly expense, it becomes a controversial issue for a couple to decide whether or not it is necessary to allow single guests to being a plus one. Couples don’t want single guests to feel awkward at their wedding, but at the same time, paying for extra people who are not even close to the newlyweds can become expensive. Therefore, I came up with some advice on what the proper procedure is for letting single people bring dates!!
A plus one is NOT required!! Your guests should not expect you to pay for a random person that you or your spouse have never met. Therefore, only those who are in a serious relationship (over 6 months) or are living together are required to receive a plus one on their wedding invitation!
Guests will sometimes ask you if it’s acceptable to bring a date. Don’t be afraid to say no, but make sure to be polite when doing so by being direct and letting them know that you don’t have the budget or reception space for extra guests! Make sure you don’t allow yourself to be easily persuaded because you will wind up spending more money than planned if you let everyone bring a plus one!!