Cake In A Jar

A Chanel Bag. A Cigar Box. Not your typical wedding cake. But, Butterfly Bakeshop turns individual passions into edible creations. Their display at our July show had brides and grooms to be, admiring and obsessing over Butterfly Bakeshops cake displays. For more traditional cakes, Butterfly Bakeshop told us that they are seeing an explosion of orders for Red Velvet Cake. Also, the color-scheme of choice seems to be Navy Blue.

If you want to leave a lasting impression of your one-of-a-kind cake, send your guest home with a mini-cake replica, or cake-in-a-jar. Butterfly Bakeshop can customize these mini-cakes, or the cake-in-a-jar ingredients to reflect those used in your wedding day cake. Check out more great ideas at Butterfly Bakeshop!

Butterfly Bakeshop Display
Cake Favors by Butterfly Bakeshop