Interview with Erin Patrick!!

I had the incredible opportunity of interviewing Erin Patrick, an established event designer and planner in the Chicago area. Erin was a great interviewee for our blog, and he was generous enough to take some time and answer a couple of questions for me!!!


Q. What are some new trends you are noticing in the wedding industry?

A. I prefer to stay away from trends because a trend ends six months down the road and I don’t want to get pigeonholed into one look. I would rather use the word stylish.

Q. What is stylish right now in the wedding industry?

A. I love love love emerald green, which is really big right now, as well as canary yellow mixed with animal prints and lots of metal.


Q. How do you feel same-sex marriage is going to impact the wedding industry?

A. I feel pretty strongly about the legalization of same-sex marriage and how it is going to impact the industry over a long period of time. The East Coast has already gotten a jump on it, but in Chicago and the Midwest, I am trying to lead the way for them to do the same thing. I am working on starting a website called chicagogayweddingalliance, which will direct same-sex couples to vendors of my choosing!

Thank you Erin so much for your time and advice. It was great being able to interview you and get your take on what’s happening now in the wedding industry!!