My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

The following is a rare case where the man gets more use out of the wedding dress than the woman, considering most brides only wear their wedding dress once throughout their entire lifetime. I came across a blog by Kevin Cotter, whose wife of 12 years packed up her belongings one day and moved out, taking everything with her but her wedding dress. Her ex-husband had no use for it, so he asked his wife what she expected him to do with it. The wife responded saying, “Whatever you want.” Well, Kevin took this to heart, and is now asking for suggestions from all of you on what uses he can get out of his ex-wife’s wedding dress! His goal is 101, but he has not yet reached this amount. Here are some of the uses people have suggested:
Yoga Mat
Halloween Costume
Fishing Net
Fishing Net
To read about more uses Kevin got out of his ex-wife’s wedding dress or suggest your own, visit his website!!!