Involving the Groom’s Sister?

It’s time to choose your bridal party, and you don’t know whether to include your fiance’s sister as a bridesmaid. My advice to all of you brides out there is to definitely make your future husband’s sister a bridesmaid because it will allow you to get off to a great start with the in-laws. As you enter into marriage, you don’t want to start off on bad terms with your husband’s family or have them dislike you, which can ultimately cause problems within your relationship.


Including your fiance’s sister is an indication that you are welcoming your new family members into both your life and your wedding celebration, which will leave a positive and lasting impression on your in-laws!! We all know the negative reputation in-laws receive in new marriages. Avoid having to deal with a lifetime of conflict by taking the initiative to include your spouse’s family, which will cause them to gain a higher level of respect for you and make them more accepting of you as their new daughter-in-law/sister-in-law!!