Introducing the Bridal Belt

It goes unsaid that every bride wants to look her best on her big day.  She wants to feel comfortable throughout her ceremony and reception while dazzling her closest family members and friends at the same time.  With that in mind, different bridal trends create certain impressions on brides; however there is one popular trend that every bride seems to adore, the “Bridal Belt”.  The idea of adding belt or sash onto your wedding dress may seem a bit intimidating, but in the end, it will tie everything together, literally.

There are three main types of wedding belts that brides in 2011 are flaunting: sashes, ribbons and jeweled belts, each unique and offering its own extra touch to your already stunning gown.

Sashes are one of the trendiest types of belts.  They offer a wide range of colors, widths, textures, and embellishment possibilities.


Ribbons are relative to sashes, as they too can create a more polished look for your wedding gown.  Lightweight and usually see through, they are designed to enhance and accentuate any patterns or designs.


Sashes and ribbons are becoming increasingly popular, but jeweled belts are in the lead!  Whether a little sparkle or an entire belt that gleams, this hot trend will not go unnoticed.  It’s chic appearance will definitely be a fabulous addition to your dress!