3 Tips to a Stress Free Ceremony

With your big day approaching, it comes without saying that your stress level may be at an all time high. Instead of succumbing to all the things that clutter your mind, try these three tips suggested by Brett at Stress is Gone, LLC.

1. Practice the steps below for 3 minutes when you wake up and when you go to sleep:

o Place your right hand on your heart.

o Take calm, deep breaths.

o Once per breath silently say, “I’m okay.”


2. Become a pro at letting go by applying Step 1 in real-life stressful situations involving:

o Finances

o Family members

o Planning issues


3. Make your day magic!

o Two weeks before your wedding replace “I’m okay” with “I’m loved today”

o Cultivating the feeling of self-love by using the technique on every stresser that arises

o To release stress during your wedding, take calm breaths, silently say “I’m loved today”, move on, and enjoy your day!

3 Tips to a Stress Free Ceremony general  Wedding, The Wedding Salon, stress relief, stress, spa  HappyBride Petals Medium 200x300  3 Tips to a Stress Free Ceremony 3 Tips to a Stress Free Ceremony

Practice makes perfect!

For additional information, contact The Wedding Stress Relief Experts at Stress is Gone or send an email to [email protected]