Design With Chon… Amazing

If you want an amazing, unique, creative wedding designer…  you must check out Design With Chon

Design With Chon specializes in seeing the “BIG” picture and it is this skill that helps her to design the perfect wedding! From creating invitations to designing the day of, Design With Chon connects all of the dots by relating each individual detail.

Design With Chon

Whether it is designing something small or working with the bride on the grand scheme of the wedding, Design With Chon believes it is important to get to know the couple.

Design With Chon

Through expertise and helpful tips, Design with Chon helps to create a day that is entirely inspired by your vision! Chon stated that the most important aspect of designing a wedding is “to be able to fine-tune all the details, big and small, to reflect the style and theme chosen by the bride + groom”.


Check out Design with Chon now and let her help you create the day you have always dreamed of!