Halloween Weddings

Happy Halloween! One of our favorite days of the year!!! A popular theme surrounding Halloween is,  Halloween Weddings, and we have some great ideas for you to create a stylish event that coordinates with the holiday!
1. Dress the part:
Instead of opting for the traditional wedding gown, wear something that fits with the theme of a Halloween costume, such as an antique dress, a black-net birdcage veil, gloves, or a mask. You and your groom can also choose to dress up in matching costumes. Great ideas include:
– – Frankenstein and his bride
– – Prince Charming and Cinderella
– – King Louis and Marie Antoinette
– – Dracula and his bride
You can also require your guests to dress in costumes!
2. Halloween decor
Use decor like pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, spiderwebs, vampires, skeletons, etc., while opting for a color scheme with oranges, blacks, reds and silvers.
3. Signature cocktails
Great cocktail ideas include the bloody-tini, candy corn martini, bloody rum punch, Dracula’s kiss, apple martini and green ghoul, which will surely get your guests emerged into the Halloween theme.
4. Menu
Select a menu that incorporates apples, pumpkins or really indulge into the theme by creating dishes like spaghetti and eyeballs, devilish eggs, and carrot fingers.
spaghetti and eyeballs
5. The wedding cake
Choose a cake with a Halloween-themed design, or if you want something simple, try selecting a red velvet or pumpkin cake.
halloween wed cake