A GQ Groom

The dress. The jewelry. Hair. Makeup. There are so many things for a bride to focus on for her wedding day, it’s easy to forget that the groom needs some attention as well. While the bride has been dreaming about her wedding dress for years, the groom is often clueless when it comes time to picking out his wedding day attire. That is where GQ Formalwear comes in.


GQ Formalwear offers unique services to the groom, because they own and maintain their inventory locally. This enables the groom to “model” his formalwear for his bride to be and pick a look that suits him best.

Having been in business for over 40 years, GQ Formalwear founded their business on personal interaction and attention to detail. They have a reputation of incredible fine tailoring that creates the perfect fit.

GQ Formalwear will put the groom at ease and help create a picture perfect moment for bride and groom.

bride and groom