Randy To The Rescue Casting Call By The Producers of Say Yes To The Dress!!

If you love TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” but live miles away from New York City, this is your chance! For the first time ever, fashion expert (and resident “FOB” – friend-of-the-bride) Randy Fenoli, is heading off the floor of Kleinfeld and behind the wheel of a big rig – to bring his favorite gowns, his unsurpassed dress knowledge, and his signature “head-to-hem” styling approach to you! So prepare yourself Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Nashville, Cincinnati, Boston, and Minneapolis! WE’RE ON OUR WAY!
Below is the the casting questionnaire, so anyone interested should fill it out as soon as possible and be as detailed as possible. Also, please attach photos of yourself, your fiance, your bridal party, friends/family etc. to add them to your casting packet.
Please send completed application to: [email protected]
Randy Fenoli of TLC’s hit-series Say Yes To The Dress is taking his talents on the road and is looking for soon-to-be Brides who will allow us to film them wedding dress shopping at bridal expos in cities across the USA. There is no monetary compensation for appearing on the show and Randy To The Rescue not reimburse participants for travel, accommodations, or purchases made at the bridal expos. Although there is no obligation to buy a dress, we are looking for serious participants who are actively searching for a wedding dress and planning to get married in 2011-2013.
Name: Occupation: Address:
Zip code:
Phone Number: Email: Best time to Contact:
Date of Birth: Height: Dress Size:
Fiancé’s Name: Fiancé’s DOB: Fiancé’s Occupation:
How did your Fiancé propose?
Will your fiancé be coming with you to shop for a dress?
Wedding Date:
*If you are a bride without a set wedding date who are open to tying the knot in the next 3-5 months, please state so here!!!
Ceremony/ Reception Location: Wedding Dress Budget (be as accurate as possible):
Who will be paying for the dress? If someone other than yourself is paying for the dress, will they have a say in which dress you choose?
Have you started looking for a wedding dress yet?
If so, how long have you been looking? What has prevented you from purchasing before now?
Describe your personality in 3 words.
Describe your sense of style in 3 words.
How do you feel about shopping for your dress? Excited? Dreading making a decision? Worried you won’t like any? Etc.
Who will be your bridal entourage (who’s going to be shopping for the dress with you)? Please list their names, tell us who they are in relation to you, and describe their personality.
What has been the most stressful part about planning your wedding and looking for a wedding dress?
Why do you feel like you need Randy’s help? What to you hope to gain by having a consultation with Randy?
Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know by looking at you. Ever run a marathon? Have a secret tattoo? Have a black belt in karate? Help build a village in Africa? There is no right or wrong answer, just tell us something about you that may surprise us or make our viewers say, “Cool”.
Are there any traditions that are important to you, your family or your culture? For instance is it good luck to have a really long train? Do your arms have to be covered for the ceremony?
Do you have any special requests for your wedding dress? Are you having a Winter Wonderland theme and hope to find a dress with snowflakes on it? Maybe you are a non-traditional bride and you are looking for a short, tight dress or a red dress?
Why do you think would be fun to watch on TV?
As a Say Yes to the Dress fan, what advice from Randy do you most value when he styles brides?
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself, your wedding day or your dream dress:
PLEASE EMAIL your info back to us at [email protected] and say that Jess sent you 🙂
We look forward to hearing back from you!