Planning Your Thanksgiving Wedding!!

Thanksgiving is only a couple of days away, and it’s a great holiday season to get married! Thanksgiving is a time for spending time with loved ones and giving thanks for all that you have, so it’s a perfect time to host a celebration of your love.
A Thanksgiving wedding has its pros and cons.
– Family might already be traveling to spend Thanksgiving with each other
– Easy to select a theme for the wedding
– Most guests will have the Friday after Thanksgiving off
– Busy travel time, so flights will be more expensive
– Weather is cold and unpredictable
– Restaurants, venues, businesses will be extremely busy planning for the holidays
When planning your Thanksgiving wedding, consider the following ideas to transform your special day!
– – Utilize Fall/Thanksgiving decorations, such as pumpkins, stacks of wheat and hay, cornucopias, cinnamon sticks, leaves and acorns.
– – Choose a color scheme with browns, oranges, yellows, tans and reds
– – Incorporate Thanksgiving foods into your meal, including turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, corn and pumpkin
– – Serve beverages like warm apple cider, cranberry cocktails, mulled wine, pear and berry cocktails, etc.
– – Serve desserts perfect for the season, including pumpkin pie, apple pie, candy apples, pecan pie, etc.