Cooling Down is Heating Up in 2012!

Brides, spa treatments are getting cooler in 2012! For years people have turned to saunas, baths and hot stones to relax, but a new fad brought to us from Europe? Ice treatment!

Cryotherapy originated in Japan in the early 70’s, and it’s about a three minute process that involves standing in a below freezing room… about -175 degrees Fahrenheit, if you can imagine that! While the thought sounds painful, more and more people are stepping into ice chambers for a feeling of rejuvenation and longer term refreshment! Strangely, being surrounded by ice is said to resemble a normal hot sauna experience as it releases endorphins in the body, but the cold air will also help close up pores and leave skin replenished, which is just what every bride needs before her wedding!

Check out the US Cryotherapy Center in California, where tons of celebrities enjoy the chilly new sensation!


If you’re looking for that glowing skin, or just relaxation without a teeth-chattering spa treatment, try another European favorite, Laconium rooms! These resemble saunas but are slightly cooler, which lets your body gradually adjust to the heat. Laconium rooms are a dry steam experience with little humidity and usually spas try to incorporate other aspects into the room that will help stimulate all five senses for the ultimate relaxing experience. Rock and tile textures, dim color lighting, and calming sounds are common.


Brides are busy this time of year planning weddings, and all of the excitement and stress can take a toll on the body! It’s important to remember to treat yourself (and your man) to something special a little before the wedding. It will keep your immune system and your spirits healthy! If you feel great, you’ll look AMAZING!